When Kenneth Fefergrad first began writing the story of ELLABEE, he had already acquired solid experience in outerwear suited to the cold Canadian climate. Kenny has celebrated the beauty of women for over 40 years and has climbed the ladder from boutique sales assistant to CEO of two major outerwear companies. 

His strength of character, impeccable work ethic and uncanny understanding of female elegance are unsurpassed. Kenny is a self-made man with an intuitive understanding of women. His achievements are the result of hard work, experience and good instincts.

Superb cuts, attractive prices and feminine fits form the basis of an ELLABEE garment. Styling for the line is eclectic with the most in-vogue features of each season being incorporated into every piece to provide the most up-to-date look.

ELLABEE’s unique fashion celebrates the woman who believes in herself, knows who she is and fully understands what she wants.

Is the magic of ELLABEE close to running out? No! For his daughter Alissa and son Michael are by his side, learning all there is to know about the fabulous outerwear business in anticipation of carrying the torch forward one day.