Feminine fashion, made with love and presented with pride; that’s EsQualo in a nutshell. The brand name refers to a small village in the south of Spain where life is good and the spectacular quality of the light makes everything just that little bit more beautiful. And that is reflected in the collection, which combines high quality and feminine flair with a touch of Mediterranean zest for life. The beautiful things in life, colored by EsQualo.

The EsQualo woman loves fashion that underlines her personality. What that personality entails? Confidence, strength and pride. Colorful, expressive and spontaneous. Stylish, tasteful and a bit quirky. Recognizable? Certainly no coincidence. That EsQualo woman; that’s you.

The EsQualo collection is developed with care and love. The latest trends can be seen in the collections, where eye-catchers in color, prints and designs are alternated with indispensable basics. Rich fabrics and knits, natural materials and a perfect fit will make you feel – and look even better – in EsQualo.

In the collections of EsQualo you will find items for every mood or occasion. From a perfectly cut blazer to a chunky knitted cardigan, from a flowy Bohemian dress to a classy shift dress, from a crispy white blouse to an oversized printed T-shirt. An outfit for the office, casually dressed to roam the city, trendy to a drink or going to a party? Have fun, combine and create your ideal outfit. Dressed from head to toe in EsQualo you are the best version of yourself!