Peace of Cloth

Originally founded in 2006 by Garfield & Marks co-founder Jaime Nortman, Peace of Cloth has established a strong precedent in the womenswear industry of superior quality, refined taste and incessant consistency. Renown for superbly tailored pants, the brand’s vast appeal reaches customers all throughout North America with representation in hundreds of fine specialty stores, as well as private label partnerships with major retailers and online businesses.

Peace of Cloth brings quality and luxury to women seeking sophistication in their everyday lifestyle. With a distinct foundation in superbly tailored bottoms, the complete collection also extends to soft suiting jackets, dresses and skirts, and seasonal novelty items that combine understated elegance with comfort and innovation. Uniquely meeting the needs of the modern woman, our customers have come to rely on ease of wear and care, while maintaining an opulent look that can transition through seasons and last years.

The collection is grounded in consistent fit and function, boasting a superb fit for any body shape in an array of versatile styles and classic silhouettes. Diverse and transitional, our innovative fabrications are washable, season-less and travel well with minimal to no pressing needed.

The brand was acquired by Liz & Sarp NewYork Inc. in 2016. Autumn 2018 saw the expansion into knitwear, novelty item jackets and blouses. Peace of Cloth knits combine rich textures of cashmere, cotton and silk blends, paralleling the refined taste and superior quality that loyal customers have come to trust in.

Season after season, Peace of Cloth continues to adapt to and serve the ever-changing needs of the modern woman, touching on important industry trends, while cultivating a high-end and polished approach that never goes out of style.