Save the Duck

We Follow Nature – At Save The Duck we have our own pace and respect the pace of the planet. Our products are 100% animal free and cruelty free.

B CORPORATION® CERTIFICATION – On the 30th of July 2019 Save The Duck become the first fashion brand in Italy to obtain the certification reserved to the best performers in social and sustainability issues and becomes a B Corp.

#BTHECHANGE – B Corp is a movement of businesses with a shared objective: to be part of global change to regenerate society, the environment and the future. Planet B is already here, anything is possible if you really want it: help us to spread the message and become a change-maker too.

Where people are born free, equal and featherless. – All living things are treated with respect on Planet B, jackets are featherless and fashion is 100% animal free: spread the word and help us create a community of activists to bring about real change. We are tirelessly exploring technologies such as Plumtech to produce high-performance jackets and save ducks (we’ve saved over 18 million since 2015 by the way). Plumtech is our unique way of contributing to B Corp, the business movement created to have a positive impact on society, people and nature.

Where profit grows hand in hand with human rights and sustainability. – We are delighted to be a B Corp company because we share the vision of a global economy using business as a force for good in society. Alongside the other B Corps, we are developing a new way of doing business that is tangible, democratic, appropriate to our times and repeatable, and which seeks to benefit society, something far greater than profit alone. Because we believe that all of us, including businesses, must be the change we want to see in the world.

A better planet is a dream that begins to come true when each of us decides to improve himself. (Gandhi) – Save The Duck is the first Italian fashion brand with B-corp certification, a guarantee of the highest environmental and social performance standards in the world. Let’s quack!

Where waste turns into opportunity. – Sustainable development is the ability to produce goods without destroying the natural ecosystems from which we draw resources, by calculating the ability to absorb the waste we generate. We are investing to minimize industrial impact and prioritize the use of raw materials from certified and recycled sources, such as @repreve fibres, made from plastic bottles (by the way, we have recycled over 2,300,000 bottles since 2017). Because the word green is more than just a fashion, in fact fashion is becoming green.

Forest – The Forest clothing company dates back to 1914, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Foresto Bargi. In 2012 third family generation Nicolas Bargi launched the brand Save The Duck with a strong commitment to create a product respectful of animals, environment and people.