Lisette L Montreal

Spending the first part of my career in fashion sales, I deeply understand the need for women to look great and feel good in their clothes. In the late 90’s, we still often had to choose between being on trend but slightly uncomfortable or being comfortable and looking rough around the edges. There just wasn’t a pant that would fit right for every body type.

That’s why in 2001, I launched Lisette L Montréal with my husband Neil. Our goal was simple: Craft perfectly fitting pants for every woman. We started with a pair of black pull-on pants, ordered a few thousand, and started offering them to our retailer network. They were flying off the shelf! I can still remember filling in orders in our kitchen with our son David, who is still by our side in the company. We had met a need. The rest is history.

We have come a long way since that winter of 2001, but our obsession with designing perfectly fitting pants has never wavered. Our choice of styles, cuts and fabrics is always dictated first and foremost by fit. We add texture and details to trusted designs that have been honed over several collections. We select washable fabrics that will move with you and agree with your busy lifestyle.

We are a family-owned Montréal company, proudly located in the city’s garment district. Most of our styles are produced in Montréal through a trusted group of local seamstresses from fabrics carefully chosen from around the world.

We live to make you a great pair of pants so you can take on the world. This is the Lisette L way.

Lisette Limoges
Founder and Creative Director